Publish ArcGIS CRF from Local Drive on Server

Step by Step guide for ArcGIS Pro 2.5

  • Have a CRF on ArcGIS Pro directory.
  • Copy and save the same CRF on the same location in ArdGIS Server.
  • Publish as Web Layer and use reference. Use "Analyze" button before publishing. It should not give any warning or error. Step-by-step guide for Server API

Step-by-step guide for Server API

  • Go to server admin page (e.g.,
  • Click Services.
  • Select an existing published ImageServer service for the CRF.
  • Select Edit.
  • Copy and paste JSON file. Save it as a JSON file.
  • Edit the path in JSON file with your text editor.
"path": "C:\\tmp\\sdt_crf.acs\\cer_syn1deg_1hour_terra_aqua_modis.crf",

to local CRF folder.

"path": "C:\\tmp\\cer_syn1deg_1hour_terra_aqua_modis.crf",
  • Create a new service using the new JSON file.

Portal may not show the new service with JSON method but it's good enough for quick performance testing.