Use Hyrax DMR ++ Module

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Remove comment in dap.conf: DAP.GlobalMetadataStore.path = /home/ec2-user/hyrax/build/share/mds
  • Install Gateway module.
  • Add s3://sdt-data/path into whitelist.


DMRPP module seems to read data from S3. However, DMR++ generation and loading with build_dmrpp tool doesn't work.

Dataset: d_int.h5 d16_2[0], -32768, 1 d16_2[1], 2, 32767 Dataset: CER_SYN1deg-1Hour_Terra-Aqua-MODIS_Edition4A_407406.20180601.nc4 d16_2[0], 181, 6400 d16_2[1], 0, 0

/usr/bin/build_dmrpp -f t_float.h5

The Metadata Store (MDS) must be configured for this command to work

Error { code = 403; message = "ERROR!! The chunk url does not match any white-list rule."; }