Create CRF From Mosaic Dataset

Step by Step Guide using ArcGIS Pro 2.5

  • Select Analysis > Tools > Copy Raster
  • Select a mosaic dataset in either local or remote database. (e.g., C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\aws_rds_geodb_conn.sde\sdt_db.sdt_user.cer_syn1deg_1hour_terra_aqua_modis)
  • Select output file name (e.g., c:/tmp/crf/ceres.crf)
  • In Properties tab, Check Process as Multidimensional.
  • Check Build Multidimensional Transpose.
  • In Environment tab, select LERC for compression.
  • Change Width and Height to match raster x and y size. E.g., 360 and 180 for CERES.
  • Upload CRF folder into an S3 bucket.
  • Create S3 connection using Create Cloud Connection tool in Toolbox.
  • Add it into folder in catalog pane.
  • Browse the connection using catalog pane.
  • Select CRF file that you uploaded. Share as web layer in portal as image service.