Install ArcGIS Linux Server on AWS

You will need two license files

  • ArcGISGISServerAdvanced
  • ArcGISImageServer

Step-by-Step Guide

Repeat the following steps for each license file.

  • Run /arcgis/server/tools/authorizeSoftware
  • Select US Government, GIS Services, and GIS Specialist.
  • Use ubuntu user and become a root. Then, run apt-get install emacs
  • Edit /arcgis/server/tools/ with username = siteadmin password =.
  • Run /arcgis/server/
  • /arcgis/server/tools/ -f
  • Use ubuntu user and become a root. Then, run apt-get install firefox
  • sudo apt-get install dbus-x11
  • Run firefox https://private_ip:6443/arcgis/admin.
  • Open port 6433 in inbound rule of security group.
  • Add DNS entry for server like and associate IPv4 address with it.
  • Run firefox from your computer and try
  • Run the following commands:
  • #systemctl enable arcgisserver.service #systemctl stop arcgisserver.service #systemctl start arcgisserver.service #systemctl status arcgisserver.service
  • Add a load balancer like to avoid certificate warning. Force https and forward traffic to 6433.
  • During the initial deployment, Setup program is already executed and installs software under /arcgis/server/. Thus, all you need is to activate license and set user/password.

Install plugin.

$sls plugin install -n serverless-python-requirements

Create requirements.txt and put Python packages and their versions. The packages versions are optional.

certifi==2019.6.16 chardet==3.0.4 idna==2.8 python-cmr==0.3.3 requests==2.22.0 urllib3==1.25.3

See cmr2ncml or dap2par examples.