Install ArcGIS Linux Portal on AWS

The Esri installation instruction has some missing or wrong information. For example, setup program is located at /arcgis/portal if you install it from AWS Marketplace. Shell script argument is -lf, not -la for .

Step-by-Step Guide

  • cd /arcgis/portal/tools/createportal
  • edit and fill in the property values such as PORTAL_LICENSE_FILE.
  • POTAL_CONTENT_DIRECTORY cannot be empty. Enter /arcgis/portal/usr/arcgisportal/.
  • PORTAL_USER_TYPE_ID is mysterious. Use creatorUT based on the license json file.
  • Run ./ -f
  • Unable to connect to Check the URL and restart the portal if necessary. If you see the above message run /arcgis/portal/ Exiting the createportal utility.
  • The above command will encrypt password in At the end, it will show the following output:
  • ================================================== Starting the createportal utility. ================================================== Checking if the portal is initialized. The portal is not initialized. Configuring the portal. The portal is created successfully. Waiting for the portal to restart. Populating the portal license. You may access the portal by navigating to: The createportal utility completed successfully. Stopping the createportal utility.

    The 'password' field can only have the numbers 0-9, the ASCII letters a-z, A-Z and the dot character (.).

  • Run./ -lf /home/arcgis/ArcGIS_Enterprise_Portal_107_283791_20190814.json. You'll get the following output.
  • Starting the listadministratorusertypes utility. ================================================== Checking if the portal is initialized. Checking if the portal is configured. The portal has already been configured. You may access the portal by navigating to: Stopping the listadministratorusertypes utility.
  • Open a web browser and connects to the server URL using public IP. Portal redirects to internal IP address, which is not accessible from outside.
  • Install firefox from super user. #apt install firefox.
  • sudo apt-get install dbus-x11
  • ssh -Y to the server to establish Xwindow session.
  • Run firefox with the internal URL.
  • Login with the username and password that you specified in
  • Open the in Firefox.
  • Click System > Properties to allow the portal access using public DNS entry.
  • Update Properties using JSON after entering the DNS information (WebContextURL is required):
  • Open web browser from your machine and enter You should be able to access portal.
  • You can put portal behind load balancer with AWS certificate manager. In that case, change WebContextURL to load balancer listener name like Path based forwarding rule will (e.g., /portal/ forwards to 7443) not work since both server and portal uses /arcgis as context.
  • If you don't want to specify port 7443, one possibility is to have create another load balancer with a different DNS entry like
  • It is OK to use load balancer URL for System Properties in Step 14.
  • Check /arcgis/portal/usr/arcgisportal/logs for any error log.
  • Federate with ArcGIS Server.
  • If you federate Portal with Server, accessing server admin page redirects to Portal. Use Portal username and password to login server manager page
  • If you run portal on different machine from datastore server, become root and disable datastore service. This will lower system load. systemctl disable arcgisdatastore.service